Blonde and Golden Ales – Is There Really A Difference?

What’s the difference between Blonde and Golden ales ? A question we are asked often – essentially Blonde and Golden ales are the same. When you look into beer styles and ingredients, you find lots of grey areas, driven by experimentation and development in the industry over recent years, and it makes for some interesting … Continued

Finding The Best Gluten Free Beers

According to recent statistics, over 12 million Brits are now choosing gluten-free products. From Coeliac disease, dietary restrictions, gluten sensitivity, or as a healthier lifestyle choice. Finding the best gluten free beers, that taste like traditional beer, can be a challenge. Gluten In Beer Most beers contain at least some gluten – it’s found in barley, wheat … Continued

Burns Night Beers

25th January is just around the corner when Scot’s around the world will be celebrating the life of Robert Burns. If an evening of haggis, joyous singing, poetry, and a fair amount of banter lies ahead for you, you may be on the search for the best Burns Night Beers. As Burns quotes in Tam O … Continued

Mild Ale The Original Session Ale

A walk on the mild side Mild Ale is one of our most traditional beer styles – this low cost, unpretentious beer was the choice of the working class after a hard shift in the shipyards, coal mines and railways of industrial Britain. Post war, it lost popularity, but is now enjoying a comeback, so … Continued

Christmas Beer Gift Ideas

Christmas Beer Gift Ideas

Can’t decide what to buy the guy or girl with everything? Struggling with what to get a fussy dad or friend? Get them beer! No need to bother with the hustle and bustle of your local shopping centre, searching for something that tends to be a last resort kind of gift. At the Real Ale … Continued

Porters and Stouts – Is There A Difference?

We are often asked the question, and the answer is that in modern brewing terms there isn’t really much difference – but you need to go back in history to find out a bit more! The Porter Revolution Porters were developed in London in the 1700s and were originally sold under names like Extra Porter, … Continued


Five Beers to Try This Summer

We’ve all read those 1000 Things To Do Before You Die lists. Well, that seems a bit over dramatic. I prefer to take things a bit easier, kick back, enjoy a brew and take pleasure in the simple things. Hiking up Kilimanjaro? Nah, you’re all right. Writing an opera? Maybe later. For now, I’m happy … Continued